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10 photos of 1975 when Liz Truss was born in Oxford


Sep 7, 2022

Here we look at photos from the Oxford Mail archive from 1975.

It was the year new Prime Minister Liz Truss was born in the city, and campaigners argued for and against EU membership prior to a referendum, which went in favour of Britain staying in the Common Market.

A group of campaigners marched in Cornmarket to say yes to remain, while there was an anti-Common Market picket to greet then Labour politician Roy Jenkins at Oxford Town Hall.

Oxford Mail: Oxford Mail Oxford Mail

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The result of the referendum that year was overwhelmingly in favour of remain, unlike the referendum in 2016 which resulted in Brexit.

Also in 1975, angry parents appeared in the Oxford Mail demanding action over a 'dangerous' slide.

They threatened to take shovels and spades to the park to dismantle the tall slide if nothing was done by Oxford City Council.

In April 1975, the parents were calling for a cage to be built around the top, or a mound underneath to protect children from the fall.

It was because four-year-old Ian Hearn was told it was a 'miracle' that he survived the drop.

Oxford Mail: Oxford Mail Oxford Mail

One or two more children were hurt the month before, falling from the slide, and parents took it as the final straw.

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Doreen Hawkins wrote to the council expressing deep concern about the council's 'complacency'.

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