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Anti-LTN protesters set to stage second demonstration


Aug 18, 2022

Protesters against the divisive low traffic neighbourhoods will stage another anti-LTN protest in two weeks' time.

The demonstration will take place on Saturday August 27 at the LTN bollard at the junction of Crowell Road and Littlemore Road.

However, protesters say there will be no repeat of a protest in July when more than 100 people sat on the pedestrian crossing by the junction of Manzil Way and Cowley Road, halting traffic, including buses.

Pete White owner of Anti LTN Uncensored group on Facebook said: "It will take the form of speakers and lawful protest. NO road blocking."

A recent meeting at the Asian Cultural Centre was attended by some 200 opponents of the scheme.

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They threatened to keep up their opposition until the end of the consultation which runs until at least 30 November.

Councillor Saj Malik said: “We have to keep the pressure up until the end of the consultation. I believe the LTNs have been put in against the wishes of the local people. The majority of people in the consultation said they do not want LTNs in this area."

They also debated getting police authorisation to walk along Cowley Road to the Plain.

And plans were also discussed as to how to raise money for legal action against the council and to field more independent candidates to stand in the next local elections.

The experimental LTNs in the Divinity Road, St Clement’s, and St Mary’s areas of East Oxford were introduced by the county council in May to prevent traffic from taking shortcuts and to create quieter and safer streets.

Oxfordshire County Council has said the trial is ongoing, and strongly encouraged people to engage with the public consultation at letstalk.oxfordshire.gov.uk/east-oxford-ltns-2022.

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