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Are you the mystery artist of Mill Street?


Aug 21, 2022

A mystery artist is keeping locals entertained but puzzled by filling an empty billboard frame with images.

The designs some with hashtags keep appearing on the side of Pack and Send in Mill Street.

They first appeared at Easter when a Santa appeared with the hashtag #Ifoundsantaoxford.

However, a search for the hashtag drew a blank.

Then there was a dodo – surrounded by yellow and blue eggs presumably in support of Ukraine – with the hashtag #dodoofosney.

Then came a picture of an Oxford street.

Oxford Mail:

The latest creation is a dog looking at the poster of an Oxford street.

A resident who lives near by said: “They had Father Christmas then a dodo, now it’s a street off George Street with a dog looking at it.

“The latest one seems to have gone in a level. Pack’n’Send dont know anything about it.”

Oxford City Council said it was not responsible for the billboard.

However, a member of staff at Pack and Send did in fact know how it got there.

They explained the company used to use the billboard for advertising but the adverts were often graffitied.

After they stopped using it a resident on the street started creating fun images to put in the billboard instead.

They did not know her identity but they had one clue. She is a woman.

Are you the talented street artist? Get in touch with us.

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