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‘Awesome service by awesome people’: SCAS praised after damning report


Aug 26, 2022

AMBULANCE staff have been praised for their dedication following a damning report which rated the service in Oxfordshire as ‘inadequate’.

On Thursday the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of health and social care in England, released a report in which it rated South Central Ambulance Service “inadequate” – the lowest rating on their scale – following an inspection in April and May.

The inspection was triggered by concerns about the quality of governance and staff training and the report found that delays in reaching people who had requested emergency assistance were “frequent and prolonged”, medicines were “not always managed safely or effectively”, and that the trust was not meeting key performance standards for call and response times.

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But some of the people who have used the service praised the staff for their hard work and blamed the commission’s rating on Government cuts and poor management.

Rachel Darby said: “It’s an emergency service so use it as one. If people stopped calling them for a chipped toenail, period pains and other pathetic complaints then maybe they’d have a chance at doing the job that they have been trained for.

“Also pay them more, they work bloody hard, stupidly long shifts have to deal with horrendous problems.

“We were celebrating not so long ago and now we are slamming them yet again. Walk in their shoes and see what a wonderful, hard job they do.”

David Wallcraft said: “I needed an ambulance last week – staff were brilliant and I'd like thank them very much for all they did for me.”

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Karen Blackman said: “I have total respect for all ambulance crews, they are amazing and hard working. They need lots more money.

“This report is awful and will make more wanting to leave. I totally agree with Rachel, stop wasting their time with silly illnesses that you can go to you GP about.”

Lucy Palmer said: “If you are looking for someone to blame look no further than our government who have ravaged our healthcare system through under funding.”

Jacqui Barlow said: “Awesome service by awesome people, whenever we've had to call on them. Well done NHS.”

To do the report, inspectors visited nine sites managed by the service, spoke with staff of all pay grades including volunteers, call handlers and admin staff and conducted an anonymous survey.

The report found that frontline staff were “working hard to deliver compassionate care” and they were proud of their work and how they had managed throughout the pandemic.

The inspectors also said they saw and heard about examples where staff had been particularly kind and “gone the extra mile” to meet the needs of patients and their families, as well as examples of innovative practice that supported people getting the right care.

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