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Clear and honest, white and completely open – this is the business I wanted to build from the very beginning – CEO of WhiteBIT


Aug 30, 2022

Volodymyr Nosov, the founder and CEO of WhiteBIT

Cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT has gone from a small startup that was founded in Ukrainian Kharkiv to the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe in four years of its existence.

WhiteBIT today – 2.5 million clients from 150 countries and a daily trading volume of around $1 billion. The key to its rapid success is the principles on which the company is based, namely: honesty, transparency, openness and as the consequence the users’ trust in the exchange. Volodymyr Nosov, the founder and CEO of WhiteBIT, talked about this in an interview with Estrella Digital.

According to him, the very name of the company contains the main meaning of work and the whole philosophy of WhiteBIT, because white is a symbol of purity. “From the very beginning, I wanted to build a white, clear business. At the start of the cryptocurrency market, the industry was oversaturated with closed, as they say, ” shady” affairs. There was zero information about the owners of the exchange, about their aims. Security guarantees were out of the question. The result is predictable: many of the newcomers who wanted to try their hand at crypto turned out to be cheated and robbed. Fortunately, I was spared such a fate. Instead, the realization came: I want to build my future crypto business in a completely different way. It should give hope and strength to those who decided to develop in the crypto industry. I wanted to make a completely open, white, transparent product. Clear and honest. That’s how WhiteBIT crypto exchange came into being,” Volodymyr Nosov explained.

The CEO of WhiteBIT admitted that he didn’t have rich parents or a brilliant education, nothing that promised success. But he has worked hard, sloged away, day after day since his early youth and continues to do so today, devoting 20 hours a day to his work. Today, it is the clear and right principles and the daily work of a team of professionals that allow WhiteBIT to create a comprehensive quality product in the cryptocurrency market that is in huge demand in society today. “I want WhiteBIT to eventually take a leading position in the global market. The processes within the company are set up so that subsequent generations can continue my life’s work. This is a special system of succession, which, among other things, has to do with values,” said the CEO of WhiteBIT.

As a reminder, Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT launched its own WBT token lunchpad on 14 August. The exchange’s offer in the market turned out to be so much in demand that 1 million WBT tokens issued as part of the first sale were sold out by users just 15 minutes after the start of trading.