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College mourns death of much-loved resident tortoise


Oct 5, 2022

There was an outpouring of sorrow after Regent's Park College announced the death of its resident tortoise.

Emmanuelle – or 'Manny' – who had been at the college for 46 years died last weekend.

Regent's Park College tweeted: "After struggling over the past year from multiple conditions relating to her old age, she died peacefully."

Manny recently celebrated her ‘119th’ birthday party with a dandelion and cucumber cake.

However, the college said there is some doubt over how old she is.

According to the vet she was between 80 and 100 years old, but according to student legend 119.

The college's archive houses the Emmanuelle Cup which honours her lifetime service to intercollegiate tortoise racing which she would often win when she was in her prime in the 1970s and early 80s.

Most recently, she was immortalised in the college chapel’s new stained glass windows.

Sharing the news on Twitter, the college said: "As well as a delightful pet, 'Manny' was a symbol of our community life. She belonged to everyone in the College, and in turn she created a sense of belonging: gathering groups around her and creating friendships across social groups. She will be much missed."

St Peter's College replied with condolences from its own resident tortoise, writing: "Sending deepest condolences on behalf of Aristurtle, the St Peter’s tortoise."

BBC Entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba shared a picture of himself with Manny and wrote: "Was lucky enough to meet Emmanuelle at her birthday party back in 2015. Very fond memories."

Revd Jo Winn-Smith added: "Sad news! She had a special role in the life of the college, bringing people together in gentle fun and joy."

Paul Roberts commented: "Very sad news. My wife and fellow alumnus Isabel was tortoise monitor for a term in the mid 1980s!"

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