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Fans start to complain about co-host minutes in to Alexander Armstrong’s Pointless


Sep 21, 2022

Oxford TV presenter Alexander Armstrong’s new guest host on Pointless found she had big boots to fill when she took over from Richard Osman yesterday.

Mr Armstrong's tenure at Pointless has seen him film more than 1,300 episodes and nearly 30 series alongside Richard Osman.

In April, Osman announced he is stepping back from hosting the show after almost 13 years to “concentrate on writing”.

Sally Lindsay, Alex Brooker, Lauren Laverne, Stephen Mangan, Konnie Huq and Ed Gamble have all been confirmed as special guests hosts taking it in turns.

However, viewers started to complain almost immediately after Sally, best known for playing Sally Unwin in Coronation Street, made her debut yesterday.

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Not long into the programme some viewers took to Twitter to complain about her 'reading' from the laptop.

Oxford Mail:

@WHartley10 tweeted: "Will you please stop constantly looking down at your laptop and engage more with contestants? Not liking the new look, sorry."

And @JonStone101 said: "Richard Osman always gave the appearance that he knew the information he was giving, Sally Lindsay is clearly just reading from a laptop #pointless."

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But @marcouk73 wrote: "Stop all your bloody whingeing about Sally on #Pointless. Richard did it for 12 years, he had built up a huge knowledge of facts over that time."

Richard Osman, who was watching, also took to Twitter to joke: "Wait, the laptop WORKS NOW????" And she replied with a laughing emoji: "I don’t think you had it plugged in."

Mr Armstrong, 52, has revealed he turned down the job as host of Countdown as he wanted something that would have “a bit of comedy.”

Before joining Pointless in 2009, he was asked to take over from presenter Des O’Connor on the popular Channel 4 letters and numbers game.

He told Good Morning Britain: “I did turn down Countdown. I took it very seriously, well it’s a job, I take everything seriously that I am offered.

“I felt Countdown was a very revered format and I got the sense that there wasn’t going to be a lot of leeway to muck about with it and Pointless is all mucking about really.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do both. Pointless was my little treat for saying no to Countdown, but it was a really tough call because they were such nice people and I love Countdown.

“But I wanted to do something that was a little bit more… basically I had kind of stopped doing comedy by then and I wanted something that would have a bit of comedy in it.

"A little bit of comedy juice.”

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