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Farmhouse in Tuscany, Italy CHEAPER than flat in Oxford


Aug 22, 2022

It is not breaking news that buying a property in Oxford is an expensive business – but, as it goes, it is actually cheaper to purchase a farmhouse in Italy than a flat in the city.

A quick search on Rightmove with a budget of £400,000 reveals you can get a two-bedroom apartment near Abingdon Road, however the property does not have a garden and is leasehold with more than 900 years left on the lease.

Similarly, for the same amount, you can get a two-bedroom flat in East Oxford. This property only has the share of a communal garden and has more than 100 years on a lease.

Oxford Mail: The property is set amongst the Tuscan hills. Picture: Toscana One/aplaceinthesun.comThe property is set amongst the Tuscan hills. Picture: Toscana One/aplaceinthesun.com

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Further afield, £400,000 can get you a three-bedroom semi-detached property in Cowley. However, the agent states it does require ‘updating’.

Compared to other areas in the country, you do not really get a lot of bang for your buck in Oxford.

A fact made even clearer when the same budget can get you a stunning farmhouse in Tuscany, Italy which comes with a pool and, as well as this, you will have some spare cash left over.

Oxford Mail: The farmhouse has all the traditional features of the area. Picture: Toscana One/aplaceinthesun.comThe farmhouse has all the traditional features of the area. Picture: Toscana One/aplaceinthesun.com

Advertised on aplaceinthesun.com, the new-build three-bedroom farm house is located in a small village in the Tuscan hills, surrounded by the rolling countryside which the area is famous for.

La Corte Dei Gelsi is composed of six semi-detached stone farmhouses, with all the characteristics of Tuscan country houses: beams, bricks, terracotta and surrounded by a large garden.

Three are three then pools, one for each block of two units.

The 140sqm corner farmhouse, which you can grab for £352,382 (€415,000), consists of a large living room with a large glass arch that provides light and the characteristic appearance of a Tuscan farmhouse, with hallway access to the bedroom and a bathroom.

Oxford Mail: You would have some cash left over after the buy. Picture: Toscana One/aplaceinthesun.comYou would have some cash left over after the buy. Picture: Toscana One/aplaceinthesun.com

The internal staircase leads from the living room to the upper floor to another spacious room.

The property’s private garden, which stretches across 1,100sqm, extends behind and in front of the house and from the garden you can reach the pool.

If you are lucky enough to have the money to splash on a new pad, then you can send an enquiry to the agent via aplaceinthesun.com here: https://www.aplaceinthesun.com/property/details/ap2987778/casale-roverella-la-corte-dei-gelsi

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