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Fed-up residents sick of cannabis smokers taking over parks


Aug 20, 2022

Police will step up patrols in a park after neighbours complained about cannabis smokers and anti-social behaviour.

Writing on Twitter, TVP Cherwell said it was aware of the problem at Garth Park in Bicester and it was particularly unpleasant for parents bringing their children to the park.

Police said they are aware "specifically those who continue to abuse the park and smoke cannabis around families and young children using the facilities".

This week a man was found in possession of cannabis in the park and will be dealt with for the offence, they said.

They encouraged park goers to report any issues on 101.

But locals derided the tweet, suggesting weed smokers are now prevalent in most of the town's parks.

Tony Ash commented: "It will be a total waste of time contacting 101 as I was on to them for over 45 minutes waiting for them to answer!! I gave up in the end!"

Katie Viney added there was a similar issue on the nature reserve in Bure Park.

"In fact, let’s name a green space in Bicester that DOESN’T have anti social behaviour and dope smoking," she wrote.

Another mum said her daughter had come back from the Garth Park where she'd been confronted by 'idiots', trying to get her phone.

"She left pretty much straight away – a shame as they were just catching up with friends as teenagers should be able to do."

Lorna Saunders said: "So they will leave Garth and go to Spider Park when we have enough of them already."

And Mark Chivers agreed: "Just one person arrested? You've a lot more to go then."