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Sep 26, 2022

Smartphones play a vital role for many people. Whether we use them for chatting, talking, or browsing the web, almost all of us are on our phones for at least a couple of hours per day. The world’s leading online betting companies are aware of it, which explains why you can access 22bet for mobile on a wide range of devices if you don’t want to get a separate mobile app.

Mobile betting is growing in popularity fast, and it seems like it will be the future of this industry. Although some betting companies haven’t optimized their desktop platforms or created mobile apps yet, places like 22bet are an exception. People using this iGaming operator can get apps and even use the mobile site.

Speaking of using mobile phones for betting, UK punters have to be aware of a couple of things that we will provide in this review.

They won’t always find an app

One of the first things UK iGaming fans have to keep in mind is that the site they’re using may not offer a mobile app. Even though places like 22bet will allow them to download and install an app within seconds, other betting companies are not like that. Most of the UK’s finest iGaming brands have been around for many years, but they are not that fast in adopting the latest tech. Hence, they prefer to focus on their land-based shops rather than developing apps.

Fortunately, most of the UK’s big names already have mobile websites. They may not seem as exciting or useful as the apps, but this isn’t the case. A large number of them provide mobile bettors with everything they have access to while using the operator’s desktop site. This includes the sportsbook, casino, bonuses, features, and so on.

Some betting operators may have special mobile promotions

The fact that some bookmakers and casinos provide people with stand-alone mobile apps for iOS and Android is a huge plus, there is no arguing that. However, experienced UK punters that used other betting companies won’t be impressed. Hence, some companies decide to go one step further and offer their mobile users special mobile bonuses.

There are different kinds of mobile promotions to pick from, but many of them give free spins or a free bet. Furthermore, they require the person to download the app or at least complete the mobile phone number verification. Speaking of the devil, this is the next thing we’d like to talk about.

Some apps require users to verify their phone numbers before getting them

In order to battle money laundering and to make sure that everyone using their site is over 18 years of age, gambling companies often require their clients to complete different verifications. Aside from the Know Your Customer process, some companies also want their future mobile users to verify that they’re the owners of the phone number provided during the registration. Failing to complete this requirement may prevent users from downloading an app for iOS or Android.

Those who do not want to verify their numbers should be able to access the operator’s mobile site. However, the latter may not always provide the same features and options as the app, which is one of the reasons why most people want an app.

UK online bettors won’t always find the apps they like on Google Play

Although some companies have tried to come up with a new mobile operating system, a large number of UK online bettors use Android or iOS. Apple’s ecosystem allows gambling companies to upload their products to the App Store so that people can download them. However, Google is more strict, which requires some brands to think outside the box.

Since many bookmakers and casinos in the United Kingdom can’t afford to put their apps on Google Play, they develop apk files. The latter allows people who download and install them on their devices to use an application as if it is from Google Play. Sadly, updating this app is more complicated because betting brands often require users to download a new file every time.

The mobile apps use a lot of data as well as storage space and require regular updates

The fifth important thing that UK bettors have to know before using their mobile devices for online betting is related to mobile data. Although some companies already have unlimited 5G data plans, not everyone has access to them. Hence, people have to be careful because they may run out of mobile data.

Another thing about the apps is that they use storage space. Although an app may not require that much space after getting it, the updates will increase its size.

Lastly, UK bettors will need to update it frequently in order to have access to the newest offerings. This may take time and is not that easy for those with Android devices.