• Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Foreign heads of state have been asked to use commercial flights to attend the Queen’s funeral

Documents obtained by Politico revealed foreign heads of states and their spouses were asked to travel on commercial flights and that the use of helicopters in Britain had been banned.


The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said London Heathrow would not be available for private jets to either land or park at the airport. Instead, they have to use ‘less busy airports’ around London.

‘Where possible,’ the FCDO advised, foreign leaders should arrive in the U.K. on commercial flights, warning that London Heathrow airport will not be available for private flight arrangements or aircraft parking. Those leaders insisting on traveling by private jet should head for ‘less busy airports’ around London, the FCDO added.

The use of helicopter transfers between airports and venues has been banned ‘due to the number of flights operating at this time,’ the department said.

And in a message all-too-familiar to weary passengers using UK airports this year, the FCDO also warned that ‘unforeseen events may require commercial and private flights to divert from the intended airport of arrival’.

The FCDO also warned both commercial and private flights that they should be prepared to be diverted from their intended airport of arrival.

Aviation in Britain is suffering from the same staffing problems post-Covid as the rest of the world, including Australia.

The world leaders attending will be bussed around London to the funeral, according to plans.

This has not gone down well with world leaders, with one foreign ambassador based in London saying: ‘Can you imagine Joe Biden on the bus?’

Westminster Abbey will be so packed for the funeral that only a single, senior representative per country and their partner will be allowed to attend, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said in the official protocol message.

Daily mail