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Four in hospital following two M40 crashes


Aug 11, 2022

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have confirmed four casualties are in hospital as a result of two accidents on the M40 in the early hours.

A car, van and HGV were involved in a crash on the M40 northbound between Junction 10 and 11 near Banbury at around 4am.

One person suffered potentially serious injuries and two others sustained minor injuries.

Road closures were put in place when a secondary collision occurred on the southbound carriageway.

On the opposite carriageway, two lorries jackknifed, with one HGV driver sustaining abdominal injuries.

All four people were taken to the John Radcliffe hospital for treatment.

Police, fire and rescue and four ambulances attended the scene after a number of 999 calls were received at around 3.40am.

National Highways later tweeted warnings to drivers of a "large fuel spillage" and a "substantial amount of debris" on the road.

A diversion route was put in place while accident investigation work took place.

The road remained closed until around 2pm for emergency resurfacing due to the significant fuel spill.

A SCAS spokesperson said: "We received a number of 999 calls around 03:40 this morning all reporting a serious accident on the M40 northbound between junctions 10 and 11 involving a car, van and HGV.

"At/near the same location, two lorries on the opposite carriageway had jackknifed.

"On the northbound carriageway, our teams treated three patients; one with potentially serious injuries and the other two with minor injuries. All three were taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for further treatment.

"On the southbound carriageway, one of the HGV drivers had sustained abdominal injuries and was also taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

"In total, we had four ambulances, a paramedic team leader in a rapid response vehicle and an emergency doctor at the two incidents."

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