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How Eren Niazi Is Always Changing the Technology Landscape


Aug 14, 2022

Eren Niazi is the Chief Technology Officer for Open Source Evolution.

As a visionary and forward-thinking individual, Eren pioneered the open source software movement and continues to play an instrumental role in the evolution of the software industry. Originally from Sunnyvale, California, Eren took a keen interest in program development from an early age, and by eighteen he had created the concept of a free world. The resulting idea was a public platform where programmers could share and enhance their technology. As a scalable enterprise solution, open source evolutions became a way to free young entrepreneurs from proprietary companies.

Eren’s innovative open source products have helped set new industry standards. Eren Niazi also designed Facebook’s core systems during its hyper-growth phase and has worked in leadership positions for a wide range of industry leaders including, U.S Army, Friendster, Lockheed Martin, Shutterfly and many more.

What is your current role at your company?

I am currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Open Source Evolution. As an industry leader we provide open source solutions across many industries from entertainment and technology to the U.S. Defense Department. Because I am in a leadership position, my role focuses on Software Architecture and cross platform software integration. I value collaboration so I am always communicating with my team over our current projects.

What was the inspiration behind your business?

I was raised in Silicon Valley, which is home to many entrepreneurs and tech start-ups. From an early age I was always interested in technology, and by eighteen, I knew that I had a really great idea that I wanted to make a reality. I wanted to create a technological environment where free-thinking minds could exchange ideas and contribute to something bigger. Open source software is decentralized, and collaborative in nature. It is a way for young entrepreneurs to receive feedback and take ownership of their ideas.

How do you measure success?

Since open source’s inception we have helped change the technology landscape through our innovative approach to collaboration. It allows the best minds from all over the world to come together in a meaningful way. I am always looking towards the future and looking forward to our continued growth.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned through the course of your career?

Never stop learning. The entire point of open source is to foster the exchange of ideas and push the boundaries of what is possible. There is always room for growth and I think that it is important to recognize that early on in your career.

What advice would you give to others aspiring to succeed in your field?

The most valuable lesson I have learned is to always trust your better judgment. In business and entrepreneurship you will always have people second guessing your every decision. In those instances, it’s important to remember your goals and trust how far you have come.

How would your colleagues describe you?

My colleagues would describe me as open minded. We value open collaboration and we value the opinions of others who may have something positive to contribute to one of our projects.

How do you maintain a solid work life balance?

Maintaining a solid work life balance in business is always challenging. For me, I often work early mornings and late nights, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times. To avoid fatigue and burnout I make relaxation a daily priority and at the end of each day I take a few hours to unplug and de-stress.

What has been the hardest obstacle you’ve overcome?

I can’t pinpoint one particular issue, but what I can say is that every single day is a challenge. In business, and especially in the technology space, you’re always going to have a problem to solve. What gets you through is hiring the right people and putting in the hours. The point is to never be dragged down by the same issues, but constantly overcoming new obstacles.

Who has been a role model to you and why?

I would have to say Steve Jobs. I grew up near him in Sunnyvale CA, and he embodies hard work and dedication. He demonstrated to the world that persistence and a strong relief in yourself can ultimately result in success.

What is one piece of advice you would like to leave our readers with?

Don’t be afraid of change. Change is often feared, but change in technology leads to new opportunities. Do your best to adapt to the ever-changing business climate and take every chance you have to evolve your previous ideas.