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Infected Blood Inquiry report estimates 1,820 Hepatitis C deaths


Sep 17, 2022

Up to 1,820 people are estimated to have died from Hepatits C after being given transfusions of contaminated blood, a new report suggests.

The Infected Blood Inquiry-commissioned report said an estimated 26,800 people were infected with Hepatitis C through contaminated blood transfusions between 1970 and 1991 – although it could have been thousands more.

Statisticians estimated that 1,250 people with bleeding disorders were infected with HIV over the same period as a result of being given the unsafe blood. ‘Around three-quarters’ of those infected have died, with ‘around half’ dying from HIV-related causes.

Patients with rare blood disorders who received treatment at the Oxford Haemophilia Centre at the Churchill Hospital in Headington were among the thousands infected.

The independent Infected Blood Inquiry, originally set up in 2017, has previously heard evidence from former doctors at the Oxford centre.

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