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Jailed: Tinder swindler posted explicit videos of victim to Pornhub


Oct 14, 2022

A TINDER swindler who bragged to his victim after posting explicit videos of her online was accused of having ‘no moral compass’.

Married dad-of-one Peter Taylor, calling himself ‘David’, met his victim on dating app Tinder in 2020. The pair exchanged explicit photographs and videos.

In June that year, she drove to meet him at his home in Berkshire. He failed to show then, when she returned to her car, sent a message instructing her to perform a sexual act in her vehicle.

Months later, she discovered that he had uploaded videos she had sent him privately to pornographic website Pornhub. The videos had been viewed and downloaded ‘hundreds’ of times, Oxford Crown Court heard.

When she contacted the website and the material was taken down, Taylor sent her another message that bragged: “Ha ha. You think they won’t go back up again.”

In a victim personal statement read to the court, the woman said: “I genuinely thought my life was over for a while.”

She had struggled to tell her family and employer about what had happened. “Christmas 2020 was ruined by Covid-19 and David.”

The woman added: “I can’t change the past but I hope by coming forward we will stop him doing this to anyone else.”

The court heard that Taylor, 41, of Draper Close, Thatcham, was identified and, when police analysed his computer, they found the images of his victim.

He pleaded guilty at the magistrates’ court to disclosing a private photograph with intent to cause distress. He had no previous convictions.

Sentencing him to six months’ imprisonment on Thursday, Judge Maria Lamb said: “Your behaviour towards this entirely blameless individual was despicable. It was her great misfortune to cross your path.

“I adopt the words of your counsel; it beggars belief that one human being can act towards another in this way.

“You deceived her into travelling a not inconsiderably distance to your house under the pretence of meeting you. That was all a ploy, presumably some sort of joke at her expense.”

Taylor had ‘no moral compass whatsoever’, she said, and the username he had chosen on the Pornhub website ‘reeks of misogynistic and hypocritical attitudes on your part’.

Turning to his offending, Judge Lamb summarised: “This is significant, it is planned, it is prolonged, it is aimed in my assessment at causing maximum distress.”

Earlier, defence barrister Peter du Feu said Taylor ‘can’t explain’ why he did what he did. “His self-loathing is absolutely apparent. It’s almost as if the cathartic effect of receiving the ultimate punishment is something he feels he needs or wants.”

His client, who is married, a father, and in work, felt ‘deep remorse’.

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