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Londoner, 18, cleared of Kidlington pub burglary


Oct 11, 2022

Prosecutors dropped charges against a teenager accused of stealing a box of ‘novelty spoons’ in a pub burglary.

Jimmy McDonagh, 18, was said to have broken into the Highwayman Hotel, Kidlington, and two caravans on the same site on November 1 last year.

But on Monday, prosecutor Charles Digby offered no evidence to support the three burglary charges, following representations from the defendant’s lawyers.

“The Crown did, actually, give considerable thought to this case and looked to see whether there was any supporting evidence we could get. However, there wasn’t,” Mr Digby said.

“I have discussed it with the reviewing lawyer at some length and we have concluded there would have been insufficient evidence in this case to give to a jury.

“The one piece of evidence we did have – I think it’s called a snood – and it did have the defendant’s DNA on it.

“However, it also had four other people’s DNA on it and, indeed, asked whether there was another evidence particularly from the [CCTV] film that could identify the defendant, the officer suggested it looked like him [McDonagh] but there was nothing more than that.”

A decision was then taken to offer no evidence against the defendant – the formal method by which the Crown Prosecution Service drops a case.

Judge Michael Gledhill KC recorded not guilty verdicts against McDonagh, of Riefield Road, London.

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