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LTN appears to have been thrown in bin in Oxford


Oct 12, 2022

A LOW-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) appears to have been thrown in the bin in Oxford.

Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, introduced the bollards earlier this year as a trial but the scheme has divided communities.

LTNs have been fiercely criticised for displacing traffic onto busier roads. Many have even been vandalised including being set on fire and cut down.

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Someone spotted what appeared to be one of the bollards in a bin in Cowley Road.

They said: “I had to take a picture of the rather amusing and apt object someone had placed in it.

“In protest I assume to the heavily contested recent road traffic diversion scheme along the Cowley Road.”

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This story was written by Gee Harland. She joined the team in 2022 as a senior multimedia reporter.

Gee covers Wallingford, Wantage and Didcot.

Get in touch with her by emailing: Gee.harland@newsquest.co.uk

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