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LTN bollard ‘greased’ to prevent it being pulled from ground


Aug 5, 2022

The Littlemore Road LTN bollard has reportedly been greased to prevent it being pulled out of the ground.

Pete White, owner of Anti LTN Uncensored group on Facebook, videod the bollard with a white film over it.

He said: "Apparently it's anti-climb paint. It’s all over the tarmac too. It’s definitely been put on there to stop people being able to remove it by making it slippery.

"This is thoughtless and dangerous. Kids that play around the bollard will get it all over their clothes, perhaps in their eyes and mouth causing illness. It’s all over the tarmac too.

"This is mindless vandalism obviously by an pro LTN supporter."

Several bollards and planters have been damaged, removed and even set on fire since the controversial traffic measures were put in place in East Oxford, costing the council more than £12,000.

Police have said they will investigate all reports of vandalism.

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