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Aug 31, 2022

Lots of people travel for work and pleasure, which often means traveling with luggage. But what do you do when you arrive at your destination tired and hungry after a long trip? Can’t you leave your suitcase at the train station?

The answer is yes, but it’s not always as simple as it sounds. In a city as busy as London, you may be unable to leave anything unattended. However, most large train stations will have some form of luggage storage available.

Luggage Storage at King’s Cross London

King’s Cross station is serviced by the National Rail network, the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and the London Underground Metropolitan lines. It is north of St Pancras International and connected to St Pancras on platforms 1-4 by an underground passageway and raised walkway above ground.

There are several storage options available at King’s Cross. Below is a comprehensive description of the storage options offered at King’s Cross.

On-Site Lockers and Storage

Several convenience locker stores near King’s Cross offer lockers for day storage. On-site lockers are the cheapest storage option offered by train stations, but they can sometimes be far from the station entrance. This makes them a less convenient storage option because they are not easy to access.

For longer-term storage, travelers can safely store their luggage at King’s Cross in the left luggage area. It is a guarded facility and is open 24 hours every day of the year. It is easily accessible via the tube and train lines located under the main concourse. The storage unit is convenient for all commuter routes and easily accessed via escalators and lifts.

Mobile Storage

This is an additional option to on-site and adjacent storage facilities. A mobile storage service is convenient as a representative for a mobile storage service company is assigned to pick up your luggage wherever you are and deliver it to the place of your choice. Mobile storage is ideal when you’re on the go and need to store your luggage immediately or when you don’t want to carry your baggage far from the train station.

Let’s say you’re in London and want a place to store your luggage while exploring the city. The easiest way is by listing your luggage with a local business owner. Most tourists use the mobile storage service because it’s easy to use, secure, and inexpensive.

A staff member from a mobile storage service company of your choice will deliver your luggage to the storage facility and collect it again when requested.

Airbnb Luggage Storage

Airbnb luggage storage is a new form of luggage storage that has gradually become popular with travelers. Airbnb luggage storage businesses link you with local business owners ready to retain your luggage for a modest charge. This service is helpful when you want to leave luggage somewhere so you can comfortably go sightseeing.

Companies offering this service have insurance to protect your belongings and on-site security personnel. One good company offering Airbnb luggage storage services is Stasher.


Stasher’s unique solution provides a convenient location for luggage storage via a user-friendly website. Stasher allows you to book a suitable location for your luggage storage in Kings Cross at affordable rates for as long as you need. Choose one of the numerous Stash Points in the region, place your luggage, and enjoy your stay in the city.

Most storage locations owned by Stasher are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you may drop your luggage off and pick them up whenever convenient. Ensure to check the operating hours of each storage location before booking to ensure that you obtain one that meets your needs.

In addition, there are no hidden costs or extra charges with Stasher. There are also no weight or size limits. This allows you to store your heavy baggage and bikes with no worries. As for charges, you will be charged £6 per day or £6 per item. For your added peace of mind, Stasher has you completely insured with insurance covers of up to £1000 per item.

Helpful Tips

When choosing a storage option, pick one that’s convenient for you. Check the opening hours and storage terms to ensure your selected storage option suits your needs. Before leaving your luggage, verify that the storage facility you choose provides the security you need and ensure the staff provides you with a receipt. In addition, ensure to confirm if your items are insured.

Furthermore, research and find out what other travelers say about the storage facility you are interested in before committing to it. You can read reviews and ask around to get different opinions and suggestions from people you trust. Remember that a storage facility that meets your needs and ensures your belongings’ safety is paramount when you’re on vacation. Choose a service that allows you to feel at ease.

Many storage options are available for travelers, so don’t limit yourself to just one. Compare your options and pick what’s best for you. Leaving your items in storage shouldn’t be a hassle, so do the proper research before choosing a company or an option.