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Mariner Marian Burlan jailed for breaching Oxford court’s sexual harm prevention order


Sep 26, 2022

A former seaman who claimed after being caught looking at indecent images of children that he was ‘not stupid now’ was caught by the police a second time.

Marian Burlan, 58, had been living in his car after receiving a 16 month suspended prison sentence in June for downloading the sick images of children.

His secret interest in the illicit material was uncovered in 2019 when technicians at repair firm eFix Computers discovered a child sex abuse image saved as his laptop’s screensaver.

An IT engineer checked the deleted images folder and saw a video of a girl he thought was aged around 10.

When police raided the ex-merchant sailor’s home, they seized digital devices later discovered to contain almost 50,000 child sex abuse images and videos. In a paper notepad he had listed websites where the vile material could be found.

Having been spared an immediate prison term in June, when he was given a court order limiting his access to internet-enabled devices, Burlan was caught by police in Bicester in August with a mobile phone that he had not registered with the police – a breach of his sexual harm prevention order.

On Friday, Oxford Crown Court was told that the phone was currently being checked by police specialists to establish whether or not it contained more illegal images.

Dealing with the new matters, Judge Nigel Daly noted that Burlan had told the author of a probation report prepared for the June offences that he was ‘not ignorant and stupid now’.

“Then he goes out and does this?” the incredulous judge told defence advocate Angela Porter.

The solicitor accepted that the judge was right, but added: “To his credit, he has pleaded guilty.”

Oxford Mail:

Burlan, a Romanian national, had relocated to the UK in 2018 after a career in the merchant navy. Ms Porter said: “Effectively, he’s a man who’s single, with very little family or friends. At the time of the hearing in June he was staying in a hotel but after the hearing he no longer had any accommodation and was effectively living in his car.”

Jailing him for two years, Judge Daly said: “The judge [in June] would have read your pre-sentence report, in which you expressed you acceptance that what you had been doing was very wrong. You said: ‘My behaviour was ignorant and stupid, but I’m not ignorant and stupid now.’”

Burlan, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to breach of his sexual harm prevention order. The order remains in force and he continues to be a registered sex offender.

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