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Meet SPOT the robot dog at free public talk in Oxford


Aug 29, 2022

VISITORS to a free talk in Oxford will have the chance to meet a doglike robot.

The public talk, taking place at the University of Oxford’s Examination Schools in High Street, will showcase what life with robots will be like.

People will also get the chance to meet SPOT, a four-legged robot, at the talk on September 7.

‘Essential robotics: a guide to our shared future’ will be presented by robotics expert Professor Rob Buckingham, and is part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s (UKAEA) outreach programme.

Prof Buckingham, who leads a team of 300 roboticists at Culham Science Centre, said: “I’m looking forward to sharing our exciting vision of how the world will be supported by robots.

“They will help make fusion energy – based on the same processes that power the sun and stars – economically viable.”

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In June 2020, Prof Buckingham said of SPOT: “The benefit of SPOT is that it can navigate environments that are too dangerous for people and too complex for conventional robots, for instance nuclear fission reactors that are being decommissioned.

“The ability to mount cameras and sensors onto SPOT gives users the opportunity to map and characterize areas that were previously inaccessible.”

To sign up for the talk, visit Eventbrite.

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