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Most Peculiar Businesses You Have Never Heard Of  


Aug 24, 2022

Discover five unique businesses you probably didn’t know existed.

Back in the day, having a job as a dog walker, a poker coach, and a house sitter were all considered to be weird yet wonderful business ideas.

Today these are seen as normal. Even if we look at the title of a content creator, influencers have completely given the term new meaning and created a whole new business model from it. But what if we told you there are so many more businesses you had no idea existed? Well, people have been making businesses out of anything since the beginning of time, and these are the peculiar businesses we are going to look at.

Dog Cafes

To say people worship their dogs is an understatement. Some would argue that dogs are the best animals on the planet, and they are, so we agree with this statement and understand why anyone would want them to enjoy a dining experience inside their very own dog restaurant. Our furry friends are already accustomed to doggy daycare, so it comes as no surprise that dog cafes would eventually make an appearance. Now before you think you’d be able to join your buddy, these cafes are solely for your pooches. A restaurant for dogs? Next time you can go on a walk while Buddy the Boxer has a date with his girlfriend, Winona the Staffie.

Celebrity photo broker

If this isn’t peak America, then what is? Picture this, a paparazzo captures a few shots of your favourite celebrity. They then upload it to their website, to access it, you need to pay for it, and voila, you now have your very own photo of your favourite celeb. This is a simple premise and works well too. Think about it this way, all paparazzi must do is take pictures and then sell them online for thousands of dollars. Popular magazines, as well as news outlets, would pay to have those exclusive rights.

The stress reliever

A large part of being a person is facing the fact that you might experience stress at some time or the other. Stress is inherently bad for you, but it can be managed. What if we told you a whole business dedicated to reducing stress? Well, it turns out an Irish company is putting all of its efforts into making sure you know your stress levels AND a way to reduce them. This is where stress biosensors come into play.

How does it work? You wear a device that measures your stress and helps you relax through gameplay. Gamers are onto something! The entire point of these wearables is to understand how to manage your stress. Which often is something most of us struggle with. It’s also great to understand how these biosensors work since it’s possible to manufacture for a range of issues to offer solutions.

Queuing services

In certain developing countries, millions of citizens battle to make time for the necessary yearly updates such as driver’s licences, getting new IDs or passports, and even paying for utility services such as gas, electricity, and water. But a unique business sprung from this very need, queuing services. In South Africa, queues at the traffic department, home affairs (Home Office in the UK), as well as tax services are notoriously long. So, this unique business model will see people renting chairs and sitting in the queue for you. This has helped many people get through multiple queues at one time. Truly smart.

You can eat shoes

Look, even this one has us saying what in the name of sneaker con is going on here? Well, edible shoes are a thing, and there is a whole market for them. For the most part, edible shoes are made of chocolate. But we have seen quite a few weirder ones, such as literal loafers, sushi-inspired, and even liquorice too. Now, these are no cake toppers but rather made-to-order and size shoes that look exactly like the real thing; the only difference is you can eat them. This gives new meaning to the term, “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.” There are also companies taking it a step further with their sneakers growing edible plants and trees as well… man, we love the new age!