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Nurse did not realise he was uninsured, Oxford court hears


Oct 9, 2022

An agency nurse who claimed he did not realise his licence had expired and his car was uninsured failed to convince the court he should be allowed to keep his licence.

Luca Campanile, 59, told Oxford Crown Court that he had not had access to his letters after a break-up ‘a few months before’.

“I didn’t know the actual insurance expired,” he said. He had been driving for 40 years, he added: “Never had an accident, never had drink driving, drugs, anything.”

However, the court heard that Campanile was banned from driving for six months in March 2021 having ‘totted up’ 12 penalty points.

Then in May he was given six further points for failing to identify the driver of a car suspected of having committed a road traffic offence.

That meant when his car ‘pinged’ an ANPR traffic camera on Middleton Stoney Road, Bicester, in December last year, he not only had no licence – having failed to renew it after the six month ban – but also had six points on his DVLA record.

So, when the magistrates dealt with him behind closed doors for driving without a licence or insurance, he ‘totted’ up another six points – and was automatically banned for a year as a result.

On Friday, agency nurse Campanile tried to convince Judge Michael Gledhill KC and two magistrates that he would face ‘exceptional hardship’ if the roads ban remained.

The Registered Nurse said he would be unable to continue in his £700-£800-a-week nursing agency job, which required him to drive long distances to contract jobs. He was paying child maintenance and lived in rented accommodation.

Rejecting the appeal, Judge Gledhill said: “There are plenty of opportunities for state registered nurses whether in other hospitals and care homes very near to where he lives.”

Campanile, of Waltham Chase, near Southampton, was ordered to pay costs of £330.