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Oxford man in court over abusive emails sent to ex-partner


Aug 20, 2022

An abusive ex-partner told the mother of his children she had made him ‘f***ing mad’ in a string of emails that breached a restraining order.

Lee Murray’s restraining order, imposed in 2018, banned him from making ‘threatening or abusive telephone calls’ or sending threatening emails to his former girlfriend.

On February 2, he sent a number of abusive emails. It started with the notification ‘I’m at yours…you’re not in’, with 27-year-old Murray adding: “It’s not illegal to turn up.”

He told the woman that he wanted his ‘s***’ back and said: “You’ve got me f***ing mad.”

“You’ve mugged me right off,” he said. “Today’s a new beginning. You’re a thing of the past.”

In a victim personal statement, Murray’s former partner, with whom he was in a relationship for eight years, said she had moved since the offences were committed.

The restraining order was put in place in 2018, after Murray was convicted of an assault on his then partner.

Murray, of Ashhurst Way, Oxford, pleaded guilty last month to breaching the restraining order.

On Thursday, the magistrates imposed an 18 month community order with a six month mental health treatment requirement, 80 hours of unpaid work and ordered he pay £180 in costs and surcharge. A restraining order bans him from contacting his ex-partner for 18 months.

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