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Oxford’s The Jam Factory to close after nearly two decades


Aug 30, 2022

A city-centre venue will close its doors for the final time after trading for near two decades, it has been revealed.

The Jam Factory in Hollybush Row will shut on September 17 after an agreement was unable to be reached between the company and the landlords following “considerable and prolonged negotiations, calculations and reflection”.

Co-owners, and siblings, Claire Gaskell and Andrew Norton have said they are “broken-hearted” to announce the impending closure.

The arts venue, bar and restaurant is well-known for being proudly independent and is a firm staple of Oxford.

In a statement, the pair said: “The Jam Factory is the best it has ever been. The food, Arts, amazing service, the plants and atmosphere are all blossoming and it is gutting to have to walk away from this incredible venue when we feel there is so much more to give.

“Our first thoughts always go to our beloved team. They are the Jam Factory. It is their natural warmth, hospitality and dedication that have brought abundant creativity, comfort and community to our guests.

“To those who have made the Jam Factory their home from home, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you, this vision would never have succeeded and we are looking forward to new opportunities, together again.

“We are devastated by this announcement and its timing. Only last year we invested heavily in renovations. This was a significant outlay for our future and demonstrated a long term commitment to the business.

“Whilst we were gearing up for the next chapter we were saddened to learn of terms in a new contract with the landlords that would have seen the company liable for significant repairs and improvements to their building that were financially untenable.

“Despite considerable efforts and concessions made on both sides, the very short term

proposed and lack of any security made the offer to repair then maintain a historical listed

building unreasonable. Jam Factory Arts will continue to thrive, both online and with our partners across the county to give artists a platform and voice and to continue to make the arts beneficial to


“We will work closely with all future guests to find alternative space. We would also love for

everyone to come and share the next 6 weeks with us… Let’s celebrate and look forwards.

Watch this space… This is not the end…. X”

The historic Victorian factory was once home to Oxford Frank Cooper’s Marmalade and has provided a location for the creative company for the last 17 years.

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