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Oxfordshire family has five generations of living women


Sep 6, 2022

There is nearly a century between baby Elsie Willcox and her great great gran Sylvia Salter, as her birth marks five generations of living women in their family.

The tot was born to mum Rebecca Mckinlay on August 7 2022.

The family now consists of four-week-old baby Elsie, Miss Mckinlay, 30, nan Amanda Gretton, 53, great nan Patricia Rayment 74, and great great gran Sylvia Salter, 98.

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The close-knit family group jokingly call themselves “the Russian dolls”, in reference to Russia’s matryoshka dolls which decrease in size when placed one inside another.

Miss Mckinlay, who lives in Wootton near Abingdon, told this newspaper the idea of having five generations of women in their family has “always” been on her mind because her great grandmother has been around her whole life.

This thought became a reality on August 7 when her partner told her she had given birth to a daughter, after leaving the gender of their child a mystery during the pregnancy.

For Miss Mckinlay, growing up with older generations of women has been “amazing” for her.

Over the years, her mum, nan and great gran have shared their life experiences and the different ways life has changed, from the war to “even just getting stains out of clothes”.

She hopes Elsie will also benefit from such life experiences as well as having “female role models” and “female empowerment” in their family.

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