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Queen: Oxfordshire Lord Lieutenant says Oxfordshire holds ‘affection’ for HM


Sep 8, 2022

The Queen’s official representative in Oxfordshire has said the county holds “gratitude and affection” for Her Majesty, as she is under medical supervision at Balmoral.

Buckingham Palace issued a statement at 12.32pm on Thursday, saying doctors are concerned for the Queen’s health.

They said the head of state is comfortable and royal physicians have recommended she stays under medical supervision as the future king, the Prince of Wales, and second in line to the throne, the Duke of Cambridge, cleared their diaries to dash to the Queen’s Scottish Highlands home.

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The Queen, 96, pulled out of a virtual Privy Council on Wednesday, a day after appointing Liz Truss as Prime Minister at Balmoral.

Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenants are the representatives of The Crown for each county in the United Kingdom.

The Lord-Lieutenant for Oxfordshire Mrs Marjorie Glasgow BEM told the Oxford Mail said: “As was seen during the Platinum Jubilee, there are very strong feelings of gratitude and commitment to Her Majesty for all that she has done for so many years for the country.

“The reaction we are seeing in Oxfordshire is in keeping with the love she has shown to all of us.

“[The Queen] the visitor to Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford so that is a special connecting point as well for many people.”

On the news that Oxford Cathedral will hold special prayers at 6pm for her majesty, Mrs Glasgow believes the event will be well attended.

“That inter-faith across our county would bring a number of people out for that service,” she noted.

Mrs Glasgow also noted the Queen has been a part of people’s lives for 70 years.

She said: “What has been felt, particularly over the past year, to have given 70 years in service has covered so many of our lifetime. That gratitude and affection for her that I think so many people and right now we feel like we are there with her.

“We hope she and her family know how much she means to us all.”

She added: “On behalf of the people of Oxfordshire, our thoughts and prayers are with The Queen and her family at this time. We are deeply grateful for her commitment and encouragement to us all.”

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