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Scammer who demanded nude pictures will go to Court of Appeal


Sep 13, 2022

A fantasist who tricked a teenager into sending him nude photographs will go to the Court of Appeal on Friday in a bid to get his sentence overturned.

Lee Alexander, 22, was jailed for two years and nine months by Judge Ian Pringle KC in May.

At the time, the Recorder of Oxford blasted: “It is almost impossible to think of a greater humiliation for a young girl to have to go through than to be told pictures of her without any clothes on are going to be published online unless she sends more pictures of herself in the nude to you.”

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On Friday, lawyers for Alexander will attempt to convince the Court of Appeal that the sentence imposed by the Oxford judge was manifestly excessive.

The case is expected to be heard at 10.30am.

In May, the court heard that Alexander’s victim thought she was sending the images, which were sent via Snapchat, to a bona fide model agency.

But the Snapchat account was, in fact, being operated by then 20-year-old Alexander.

Within days of her sending the images, he messaged her from another account under a different name – claiming to have hacked the model agency’s Snapchat.

He demanded she send more explicit photographs, threatening to release the original photographs online if she didn’t comply with his vile demands.

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