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Special benefit of living in a lake house


Aug 2, 2022

Did you know that water is directly linked to happiness? This was revealed by the California Academy of Science, which claims that the presence of water near homes has a positive effect on people’s physical and mental well-being.

Wallace J. Nichols, the researcher who discovered many benefits of living near a lake, summarized 10 years of scientific studies in the book Blue Mind – Mind and Water. In this book, Nichols explains the link between mental well-being and contact with water. This element, in practice, stimulates the human brain to release chemicals that are directly linked to happiness such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin.

Real estate advisers know very well the benefits of living in a house on the lake or near the water. Como and the lake is the perfect place to find a real estate proposals.


According to what Nichols writes in his book, water is the element that brings man back to his natural state. It essential to consider that our organism is made up of a large percentage of water, just think that human brain alone is three quarters water. For this reason, enjoying an expanse of blue water when you wake up, before going to bed or while reading a good novel is a rewarding experience not only for the eyes but also for the body and mind. It is no coincidence that many people, especially Germans and Americans, want to buy a house on the shores of the many lakes in Italy.


Buying a house is a living choice. It is important that both the exterior and the interior of the house blend well with the surrounding environment. In addition to the blue colour, which reminds the blue lake colour, it is also good to focus on the yellow colour: this is the colour of the sun. This is immediately related to summertime. It is for this reason that it is advisable to use yellow in the decoration of indoor spaces. This little trick will give the house a sense of joy and lively dynamism. If you are looking for a villa on Lake Como you may be interested in propertyatlakecomo.com


Lake Como is a particularly happy land, renowned for its generally mild and humid climate providing a rich luxuriance. This is possible thanks to the presence of the Alpine chain, which resists winds from the north, and thanks to the great mass of water contained in the lakes in order to attenuate temperature changes.

In the sunniest areas, such as Tremezzina or the western high lake, the climate never reaches very low temperatures in winter. In summer the heat is hardly oppressive as it is mitigated by good vegetation. In the pre-Alpine zone rainfall is abundant. Thanks to the combination of these unique climatic characteristics, the flora along the lake shores is varied and luxuriant. It is Mediterranean flora. So here it is possible to see a wide range of cypresses, laurel trees, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and magnolias.

In some sheltered and humid areas, tropical and subtropical vegetation is very common. In Tremezzo, for example, there is Villa Carlotta, famous everywhere for its splendid park full of flowers and rare plants; here, in the hottest season, azaleas, cacti, Australian ferns, palms, conifers, cedars and orange trees bloom.

Vines and olive trees are not very abundant, partly because of the geological nature of the land, and can only be found in a few areas. Along the shores of the lake, the names of localities that testify to a tradition of olive cultivation are on the western shore, the Zoca de l’oli while, on the eastern, Oliveto Lario and Olcio. Chestnut woods abound on the slopes of the mountains around the lake and pastures in the higher areas, where narcissus and lilies of the valley bloom in spring. Lake vegetation is rare and can only be found in areas such as the Piano di Spagna, as there are no ponds or pools of still water on the shores of the lake.

Spend a day on Lake Como. This is the best way to test directly the real benefits of this place. Its fame in the world is something that lasts over time and the value and prestige of a property in this place is a secure and successful investment.