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Spotify: The platform that changed the way we listen to music


Sep 6, 2022

Spotify for Artists is a tool developed to create and customize your Spotify artist profile and analyze information about your music listeners.

Do you want to increase your fan base and get more views? Spotify for Artists is just what you need, putting you in control of how users see you and putting tools at your fingertips to attract more followers, plan tours, pick singles, sell merch, and more.

Why is Spotify for Artists so important to musicians?

You may be asking yourself that question right now. The answer is simple: Spotify is the undisputed leader of online music streaming platforms, with hundreds of millions of users who could become potential listeners of your music. If someone has seen you live, heard your music on the radio or discovered you thanks to a Spotify playlist, it is quite likely that at some point they will look at your artist profile. This is your opportunity to capture their attention and you should not miss it, since this first impression is vital to arouse their interest. Spotify for Artists is the tool that allows you to create and edit your artist profile, so if you ignore it, you will not be able to attract new followers. To get super-fast attention to your audience buy spotify monthly listeners.

Obviously, the first step is to get people to see your profile, something that Spotify for Artists is also good for. It is widely proven that the majority of users discover new music thanks to Spotify playlists. Spotify for Artists allows you to submit songs to official playlists and analyze the key statistics used by the playlist algorithm, two more than enough reasons to use the tool.

In today’s music industry, information is power. And Spotify for Artists gives you access to an invaluable source of statistics, such as the number of monthly listeners, your most popular songs or the cities in the world where you are most successful. All this presented in a very easy-to-use interface that does not require any previous experience. This information is incredibly useful when promoting merchandise or planning concert tours, among many other things.

First, you can find out who is listening to your music and where. Imagine that a DJ has played your song at a festival in Cartagena, Colombia, or that a radio station in Melbourne, Australia has one of your songs on rotation. Your songs have become popular, people have searched for your music and are listening to it on Spotify. So, it’s quite likely that you’ve cultivated a fan base on two opposite ends of the world. But you live in Concepción, Chile. How could you know? Before, you may never have known about it. Today, Spotify for Artists gives you not only that information, but also the age of your listeners, their gender and much more.

With this information, the possibilities to promote your music are limitless. For example, imagine that thanks to the statistics you discover that your latest single has been especially successful among women aged 18 to 27 in the New York area. Now you can focus advertising for your next single on ads specifically targeted to an audience of the same age and gender who live in the same place. Or, if you want to increase the number of listens to your next release in specific places, you can focus on women between the ages of 18 and 27 who live in these cities.

How to claim and verify your artist profile on Spotify

To claim your artist page, Spotify requires two things from you: have at least one release and a Spotify user profile. If you have a personal Spotify account, it is best to create a new account to manage it with your artist’s name to avoid possible problems.

Step 1: Find your release on Spotify

Step 2: Go to the Spotify for Artists page

Step 3: Select if you are a musician or manager

Step 4: Enter your artist’s name

Step 5: Confirm your email address

Step 6: Link your Instagram or Twitter profile

Once you’ve completed these steps, it may take up to three days for Spotify to confirm your account. When this happens, you will receive a confirmation email and from that moment you can start using Spotify for Artists. In some cases, they may request extra information.

How to customize your artist profile

After claiming your profile and receiving the coveted blue badge that proves you’re a verified artist, you’ll need to start adding information. Your artist page gives you the opportunity to convert casual listeners into fans, so don’t waste it.

To attract and retain followers, your profile needs to represent you and your music and be consistent with other channels, like Instagram or TikTok. Something as simple as using the same colors, the same typography and the same graphic style helps to consolidate your image, not only among users but also in newsfeeds and playlists. The more interest you generate, the more plays you’ll get and the more times your music will be shared.

Before you add anything, we recommend that you take a look at Spotify’s videos and articles on how to create your profile and the importance of your visual identity.