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Tears and hugs as students and parents celebrate GCSE results


Aug 25, 2022

Emotions ran high as students celebrated their GCSE and BTEC results today, after sitting exams for the first time since the pandemic.

Schools returned to timed exams this year, instead of teacher assessments used in 2020 and 2021.

At Wood Green School Robyn, Molly and Lili who were all over the moon with their results while Jamie celebrated a fantastic five grade 9s.

Will Lewis will be taking four A-levels in all the sciences with the ambition of becoming a computer scientist.

Molly Roger, who received a hug from dad Daniel, said: “I’m so pleased because all my friends have been accepted into the sixth form.”

Teresa Crocker was overjoyed to discover daughter Torie Cornish had achieved the passes she needed to take up a hairdressing apprenticeship in Witney.

She said: “It’s been such a tough year for them. I’m so emotional. There was a doubt over whether she would pass so now I can’t stop crying.”

Alfie Cross’s grades mean he can take up an apprenticeship as an electrician while his friend Jack Prior is still considering his options and Mateusz Kaczmarkek is heading into the Sixth Form.

The school congratulated all the students and said there were some "fantastic" individual results.

Headteacher Rob Shadbolt said: "It is hard to draw comparisons with the past, but it is so pleasing to note that results this year have actually exceeded the last ‘normal’ GCSE year of 2019.

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"Considering students have gone through a lockdown and remote learning, and higher absence due to Covid for themselves and their teachers, this is a particularly impressive achievement."

Oxford Mail:

The Henry Box School said it was proud of its Year 11 students.

Headteacher Wendy Hemmingsley said: "These excellent results are a reflection of the hard work and dedication shown by our students over the past two extremely challenging years.

"We would like to wish them every success as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives. Many of our students will be joining our Sixth Form in September and we look forward to welcoming them back."

Burford School said its Year 11 students had achieved "a brilliant set of GCSE, BTEC, Tech Award and Cambridge Nationals exam results".

Headmaster Matthew Albrighton said: "All our Year 11 students at Burford have shown enormous strength of character over the last two years to overcome challenges that no one could possibly have expected. Their efforts have been rewarded with outstanding outcomes.

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"I am incredibly proud of the students and the staff for their dedication and good humour throughout.

"It is on days such as these that the importance of community spirit and a culture of excellence shine forth in providing the best possible futures for the students at Burford."

And Cokethorpe School headmaster Damian Ettinger, said following in the footsteps of their peers at A Level and BTEC last week, Cokethorpe’s Fifth Form pupils "could take great heart and encouragement from a highly successful set of results".

Oxford Mail:

He told students: "You have achieved a great deal these last years and your results today are testament to that. What’s more, you have done so whilst typifying the camaraderie, supportiveness, and the friendly competitive spirit for which Cokethorpe pupils are known."

Chipping Norton School said it was "a great day" for the school.

Head Barry Doherty said: "The GCSE and BTEC results of our students are exceptional and represent the perfect reward for the students and colleagues who have given so much for so long.

"We knew our students had the potential, but to see that potential realised is magnificent and inspiring."

Close to 80 per cent of students secured five GCSEs or more including both English and Maths.

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