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Thames Water explains how to get compensation after days of no supply


Oct 11, 2022

Thames Water has released details of what compensation may be due following the water main burst at the Heyford Hill roundabout in Oxford.

The Eastern Bypass was closed to traffic between the Heyford Hill and Rose Hill roundabouts after the Thames Water pipe failed last Tuesday morning, flooding the carriageway.

It has been estimated that at least 3,000 homes were affected in 10 Oxford postcodes and villages in south Oxfordshire and households as far away as Warborough and Thame left with no water or low pressure.

Thames Water, which opened bottled water stations, apologised to customers and said the pipe was fixed at 1am last Thursday, but due to "technical difficulties refilling the reservoirs" not all households had their supply immediately restored.

Engineers had to refill 15km of pipes with water.

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Thames Water's compensation policy is that if your water supply turns off unexpectedly, such as following a burst water main, it will always aim to have the supply back to normal within 12 hours.

If this does not happen the water company will automatically credit your Thames Water account with £30.

If there are additional delays then Thames Water pay an additional £30 for every further 12-hour period that the water remains turned off.

The company will automatically credit your Thames Water account within 20 working days.

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