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The Best PDF Text Editor for Windows and Mac


Sep 23, 2022

As we all know, the PDF format is now the most widely used for creating and sharing documents. And we also know that PDF files can’t be viewed or edited without a PDF text editor.

Even if it’s windows or mac, you use web-based applications or a PDF editor to edit or view the contents.

Although web-based applications are free and easy to access, yet you can’t rely on them. Regarding security, anything presented on the web isn’t saved from digital pirates. You don’t want your intimate record to go to the wrong hands. In fact, no one wants it. Surprisingly, the UPDF editor is the only solution for your PDF problems. From editing to converting, UPDF will take care of your problems. And this post is all about the best PDF text editor for windows and Mac.

A Full Introduction of UPDF for Windows and Mac

As the title suggests, UPDF is one of the best and most demanding PDF text editors available on Windows and macOS. It’s not only available on desktops; you can use it on your smartphones – android and iOS. UPDF comes with sophisticated features that amplify your productivity. You wouldn’t find such a fantastic tool compatible with every popular operating system. One last thing, UPDF is not only for viewing and editing, but you can also make conversion of PDFs to other formats.

Let’s move ahead to see more features of UPDF in detail:

  • It Has a Beautiful User Interface

If we talk about its design, its interface offers everything a user needs to navigate to what they want. UPDF is designed for all types of users—from beginners to professionals; anyone can have it on their devices. Every feature is presented on the front design of the UPDF. You won’t stroll around searching for a particular feature. That’s why we are giving its design a plus point for its interface. We have never seen such an elegant and attractive user interface of a PDF editor. That’s why UPDF is our top priority in the list of PDF text editors for Windows and Mac.

  • It is a Fast PDF Converter

UPDF is more than just a PDF editor; it can also convert your PDFs to your favorite formats. UPDF uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to scan and convert your documents to other formats. OCR technology provides more accuracy than any other converting tool. It uses artificial intelligence to scan your PDF document and turns them into an editable format. You can convert PDFs to any of the following formats:

  • PDF to Files Formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV)
  • PDF to Images (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF)
  • PDF to Text (Text, RFT)
  • It is a Robust PDF Annotator

The annotation feature in UPDF will dress up your documents professionally. It also gives you a delightful reading experience. Yes, UPDF uses different page layout options to create to amplify the reading experience. The layout options consist of single-page view, single-page scrolling, two-page View, and two-page Scrolling. Apart from page views, UPDF supports different markup features to annotate your PDFs.

The markup features are as follows:

  • Add comments in PDFs, highlight, underline, text boxes, and sticky notes.
  • Add stamps to your PDFs; more than one hundred different stickers are available in the library.
  • You can also add signatures anywhere to your PDFs. You can draw a signature or simply use a type-in signature for your PDF documents.
  • It can Edit the PDFs like a Pro

Apart from the attractive interface, UPDF allows you to edit PDFs as you’d never before. UPDF is not a word processor like MS Word, but its editing makes you feel like you’re working in a word processor. UPDF provides different features to edit your content—editing text, copying/cutting, pasting, and deleting the text in PDF. You can also edit text properties, such as changing the font, size, color, style, and typeface.

You won’t have to use a different tool to edit the images—UPDF will take care of it. Yes, you can do the necessary image editing within the UPDF application.

  • It Helps You Manage PDF Pages

So, what’s the purpose of a PDF editor if it doesn’t allow you to manage PDF pages? UPDF lets you rearrange or reorder PDF pages very quickly. You can do the following to manage the PFD pages using UPDF:

  • You can add new and remove unwanted pages from your PDFs.
  • Rotate the pages from left to right and vice versa.
  • You can also quickly rearrange or reorder the PDF pages by selecting the thumbnails and pushing them to a new position.
  • You can also slip, extract, and replace pages from PDF pages.
  • Password-Protect PDF Documents

This feature increases the security of your PDF document. If your document contains any sensitive records, then you should use UPDF to set the restrictions on your document. UPDF supports two types of password protection – Permission Password and Document Open Password.


In a word, UPDF is a comprehensive PDF software and you can use it to do multiple tasks. You can use it to read, view, and annotate PDF documents, and you can also use it to edit, convert, and encrypt PDF files. It has so many features to fulfill your different requirements. What’s more? The performance of UPDF is high and you can open a large PDF file fast without any hassle, which increases the productivity a lot.