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UK Entrepreneurs unite to help business owners succeed while maintaining work life balance


Sep 12, 2022

13 high-achieving entrepreneurs have come together to share their insight and best practice on achieving both work/life balance and business success through a new self-help book titled, ‘Happy Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneurs’.

Recognising that for too long those who want to succeed in business have had to sacrifice their personal life through early starts, late nights and weekends dedicated to making their start-up or scale-up grow, this new book shares true insight into how all 13 contributing authors have achieved success, while being healthier, happier, and wealthier than ever before.

Contributing authors comprise of James Ker-Reid, Serena Sabala, Shafiq Meghani, Paddy Allen, Tina Fotherby, George Hughes, Ross Summers, Adam Lacey, Simon Watson, Jonathan Hedger, James Gill, Owen Williams, and Andrew Priestley, ‘Happy Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneurs’, with each chapter of the book dedicated to grounded, authentic, and game-changing stories, designed to save aspiring business leaders years of frustration and stress, commonly associated with starting and growing a business.

Discussing the launch of the book, George Hughes, contributing author and founder of creative video agency, Small Films, said: “Before launching Small Films, I was an established TV producer for leading networks like BBC and Channel 4, and so was used to working long and anti-social hours. When starting the business, my lengthy work pattern continued, and so my personal life and family time suffered as a result. I quickly realised this wasn’t sustainable long-term and certainly wouldn’t result in personal accomplishment, so developed and implemented several strategies to turn this around while ensuring my business didn’t suffer as a result.”

My 12 co-authors have endured a similar experience and in writing this book, we wanted to share our thinking with business leaders who genuinely believe that the only way to succeed is by dedicating 100% of your time to work. Since launching Happy Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneurs we have received an excellent response and hope it helps and transforms working patterns for business leaders both UK and worldwide.”

Having already achieved a 5-star rating on Amazon, Happy Healthy Wealthy Entrepreneurs is available to Kindle users at £9.99 or free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription service.

For more information, visit: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0B919Y1ZQ