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Woodstock’s ancient Mock Mayor ceremony raises thousands for charity


Sep 26, 2022

The 230-year-old tradition of electing a Mock Mayor in Woodstock has raised thousands of pounds for three charities.

Woodstock Seniors Lunch Club, the Woodstock Stroke Club and Silver Star, part of the Oxford Hospitals Charity which funds maternity care equipment, will all benefit from the event which took place in July.

The donations were presented over drinks and cake at The Black Prince by Karen Jones, who was elected as ‘mock mayor’ of Old Woodstock and Phoebe Creasey, junior mock mayor.

On election day, Mrs Jones led the procession from the Black Prince pub, through the grounds of Blenheim Palace to ‘new’ Woodstock’s town hall.

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It was there she met the town’s mayor, Cllr Dr Elizabeth Poskitt, and danced to drumming by Soul Samba before she formally turned her back on the ‘new’ town’s red-robed and civic chained mayor – and headed down the hill to be ritually dunked in the River Glyme.

Mrs Jones presented cheques for £3,000 to the Silver Star Unit and £250 for Woodstock Seniors Lunch Club while Woodstock Stroke Club received £250.

The mock mayor event dates back to at least the 18th century and has its origins in the rivalry between the two settlements of the town.

There is 100 years between Old Woodstock and its younger Royally-established hilltop neighbour.

As part of the festivities, mayors hold a mock court – calling witnesses and doling out punishments.

The mock mayors are elected on the strength of their manifesto and speech.

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