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‘Adored by many’: Oxfordshire Lord Lieutenant pays tribute to Her Majesty


Sep 8, 2022

OXFORDSHIRE’S Lord-Lieutenant, the Queen’s representative in the county, said the monarch was “adored by many”.

Lord-Lieutenant Marjorie Glasgow BEM paid tribute to the Queen after she received the news of her passing earlier today.

She said: “We are deeply saddened by the news and our thoughts are with the Royal family – the Queen was adored by many people in Oxfordshire, for her commitment and encouragement to the community. We will give that same commitment to the new King.

“The news of the death of our Queen has come as a shock to us all. She has been a central figure in the life and work of our country for so long, it will take time for many of us to come to terms with her passing.

“However, our thoughts must be with the Royal Family and, in particular, with our new King and the Queen Consort in their understandable grief at this time.

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“Here in Oxfordshire, she has been Visitor of Christ Church College, the Oxford Cathedral Church of Christ, University College, St Antony’s College and Oriel College, and Patron of the Henley Royal Regatta.

“She was also Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Engineers who have a significant presence in Oxfordshire at Bicester.

“Her Majesty and members of her family have visited hundreds of groups here in Oxfordshire and have personally thanked thousands of individuals.

“In recent years, the Queen’s interest in the environment was highlighted with her wish for a Queen’s Green Canopy of trees and hedges for all of Britain. Thousands of individuals and groups supported this initiative and planted hundreds of trees during the Platinum Jubilee year. In Oxfordshire this year, every new citizen was provided a tree, a programme we hope to continue for years in honour of our remarkable Queen Elizabeth II.

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“The Queen’s legacy of devotion to the country will be carried forward by her son, King Charles III. We offer him our support and commitment to continue the good work of the monarchy in building trust and strength across our communities.”

Lord-Lieutenants are the representatives of The Crown for each county in the United Kingdom.

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