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All-female crew on RAF flypast to cheer on Lionesses in Euros flies over Oxfordshire


Aug 1, 2022

Planes flown by an all-female crew went over Oxfordshire as they led an RAF flypast to cheer on England ahead of their victory in the Euro 2022 final.

A C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, with a crew of three, was flanked by two Typhoon fighter jets.

The planes flew over Wembley at 4.57pm, immediately after the national anthems and just before kick-off at 5pm.

The Hercules flew from RAF Brize Norton, while the Typhoons took off from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

Oxford Mail:

The Hercules was captained by a pilot named only as Flight Lieutenant Lauren, who has been in the Air Force for 12 years.

She has deployed all over the world, including Afghanistan, where she helped train the first female Afghan pilots.

She said: "I am proud to be piloting the lead aircraft for the flypast over Wembley. I’ve flown missions all over the world, but this will be one of the most ­memorable.

"It’s been inspiring to watch the Lionesses progress and I will be loudly cheering them on as soon as I land back at RAF Brize Norton."

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “I wish the best of luck to the Lionesses as they take on Germany at Wembley.

Oxford Mail:

“It’s a landmark day for English football and women’s sport and it’s fantastic that the Royal Air Force will be marking the occasion with a flypast featuring an all-female aircrew.”

The Lionesses won the first major trophy in their history at Wembley winning Euro 2022.

Chloe Kelly’s extra-time goal at Wembley sealed a 2-1 victory over Germany.

It was also first major tournament triumph for a senior England team since the men’s 1966 World Cup triumph over West Germany.

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