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Here’s where you can find out more on how to protect hedgehogs in Oxfordshire


Aug 26, 2022

AN ecologist will give a talk in Kennington next month focusing on how to protect hedgehogs.

Hugh Warwick, a writer and hedgehog expert who has written multiple books about the subject, will explain the reasons for the decline of hedgehogs in Oxfordshire and will provide solutions on how to protect them at Kennington Village Hall on September 3 at 6:30pm.

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In 2020, the specie was added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature red list as vulnerable to extinction in the UK.

Mr Warwick said: “There is a connection – I have felt it – when you look into the eyes of a hedgehog in the wild. You feel those eyes noticing you – and that is the moment when connections can be made.

“We need to tackle so many ecological problems, but this connection reminds us that we can face the apparently overwhelming and start with a single step. One small step, make life better for one hedgehog, and then the next step, make life better for all the hedgehogs near you – and then another step and the journey has begun.”

Tickets can be bought in advance emailing tamarajh98@hotmail.com

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