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History of Blenheim brought to life as spectacular pageant celebrates first Duke


Aug 3, 2022

The first Duke of Marlborough – described by his descendant Winston Churchill as Britain’s greatest ever general – was celebrated at a spectacular pageant at Blenheim Palace.

John Churchill's victories over Louis XIV forever changed the face of Europe and his reward for his military triumphs was the palace.

Marlborough 300, which commemorated the 300th anniversary of his birth, featured a re-enactment of a race meeting at the Court of Charles II and a battle from 1685, with action, horses, muskets, flags, drums and cavalry charges.

Oxford Mail:

Emily Spencer, head of operations at Blenheim, said: “We had an outstanding weekend at the Palace with the history of Blenheim bought to life in such a fun manner.

“It was amazing to see so many families learning about the 1st Duke and his fascinating story, it really kicked off our summer schedule of events in the perfect way.”

John Churchill was born in 1650 and the pageant told the story of his early life up to his emergence in society and at Court, his role as a soldier in the Sedgemoor campaign of 1685, and his relationship with his beloved wife Sarah.

Oxford Mail:

Actors dressed as John and Sarah Churchill told their story as they chatted with the audience, giving details of their life and family, and the period in which they lived.

There were also historical cameos and impressive Living History Encampments showing life in the late 17th Century.

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