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‘I can’t imagine a world without the Queen’: Oxford Mail readers pay their respects to Her Majesty


Sep 9, 2022

OXFORD Mail readers have paid their tributes to the Queen, and shared their memories as the monarch passed away yesterday afternoon.

Many people said they will remember her has "strong", "beautiful" and "kind."

April Fitzgerald said: "We will never see another woman like the queen. She was strong, dignified, beautiful, and fulfilled her promise of serving until her last day. I hope her and Prince Phillip are at peace together again."

Bill Magnusson said: "What a sad loss for us all. She wasn't perfect, none of us is, but she was a real class act.

"What a great asset to her country she was, and how devoted to her duty she remained. Future monarchs have much to learn from her.

"The world, and the monarchy, will be the poorer for her absence. We knew this day would come; I'm so sorry it's here."

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Jane Gaul said: “I can't imagine a world without Queen Elizabeth II, she's always been there, a solid, reliable figure that you always knew would never embarrass herself, or the country. Like a much loved nan.

“She's back with her beloved Philip, Margaret, and her mum and dad. God bless you Ma'am, you will be missed by millions.”

Ivana Radman said: “Thank you for your incredible service to the Commonwealth for these many years. You are loved, appreciated and will never be forgotten. My prayers go to the Queen's family and friends as they navigate this grief.”

Syeda Ferdousi Butterworth said: “RIP our beautiful Queen. Your rock Prince Philip is again by your side. You have done your country proud.”

Linn Cassens said: “So now the battle is over. Thank you for winning so many wars on behalf of all women.”

Pip Stacey said: “We will all miss you. You were, and will continue to be, an inspiration to all. Nothing we can say will change the loss the royal family feels at this time but know you are in our hearts.”

Barbara Oliver said: “We were so saddened with the news of the passing of the Queen. This will now leave an enormous void in the country and the world.

“She will go down in history as one of the greatest and most amazing monarchs. Diligent, truly committed, wise, kind and generous of nature through every conflict and challenge.”

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Mariah Smith said: “She will always be remembered as one of the most influential rulers that England has ever known, she has shaped the English monarchy to its finest. She along with her husband Prince Philip may he rest in peace.”

Ruth Hamby said: “May God's angels keep her family wrapped in wings of love during the days ahead as they lead her citizens and the world to say farewell.

“May the world see her for who she was, the epitome of tough exterior, ultimate grace, hidden humour and love of family that shines even in the darkest of times.”

Sandy Robertson said: “You were such an inspiration to all the world. You were so young when you became Queen but you said you would devote your life whether it be long or short and so you did. You were magnificent.”

Debbie Hughes said: “Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth, you were the best the country has ever had.”

Marla Harrington said: “May your service be a legacy that lasts forever. We will greatly miss the stability, strength, hope, and experience that the Queen provided to the world.”

Shaila Shastry said: “A Royal family or otherwise, a family has lost their mum, grandmother and great grandmother. Our sincere condolences to the family.”

Leena Garcìa said: “We all believed you will live forever. How could you leave us? You were loved everywhere around the planet. Your legacy will live on.”

Judy Ann Travis said: “My heart aches for the family. It’s hard to lose a granny. My condolences to the Royal Family.”

You can leave your tribute in our book of condolences here: Queen Elizabeth II: Leave your condolences for Her Majesty the Queen

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