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Judge warns Oxford jury to ‘bring warm clothing’ as court temperature falls


Oct 12, 2022

Chilly conditions at Oxford Crown Court saw a judge warn jurors to ‘bring warm clothing’.

At the start of trials judges typically tell jurors that they may wish to bring a book to read during breaks in the court day or while the lawyers discuss points of law.

But on Wednesday, plunging temperatures at the St Aldates court building saw Judge Michael Gledhill KC warn his 12 jurors: “Bring warm clothing. You can always take it off.”

The relatively temperate conditions of courtroom four were nothing compared to his ‘absolutely freezing’ chambers in another part of the court building, he said. The air conditioning had been stuck on ‘full blast’.

Earlier this year, the same judge apologised to another jury when the mercury hit 26C in his courtroom. “I usually say it is the fault of the barristers because they are the cause of the hot air,” he joked.

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This story was written by Tom Seaward. He joined the team in 2021 as Oxfordshire's court and crime reporter.

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