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Man dies from traumatic brain injury after unwitnessed fall


Sep 28, 2022

THE death of a 93-year-old man has been ruled an accident after an unwitnessed fall.

Greville Bidwell, of Arrow Close in Middleton Cheney, Banbury, died at The Horton General Hospital on May 8 this year.

Oxford Coroners Court heard last week that Mr Bidwell was likely to have sustained a “traumatic brain injury, probably due to an unwitnessed fall” prior to April 9.

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Senior coroner Darren Salter added: “He sustained a further head injury due to a fall at home on 2nd May 2022. He was taken via ambulance to Horton General Hospital but deteriorated and died.”

The medical cause of death has been ruled as traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage and congestive cardiac failure, atrial fibrillation.

Mr Bidwell was a retired engineer and care home warden.

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