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OnlyFans model wants to use her earnings to become rally driver


Sep 5, 2022

An OnlyFans model made £1,000 in her first week on the site and skyrocketed into the top 11 per cent of creators worldwide, after joining it to earn money to fulfil her real dream – of becoming a rally car driver.

Cat Rada, who is originally from Valcea in Romania and moved to Bicester in 2015, and started an OnlyFans account on August 25 where she produces lingerie, cosplay and dominatrix content.

Within just a week, Miss Rada was one of the highest performing Only Fans content creators in the world and earned a huge £1,000, much higher than average monthly earnings from the site of £150.

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Oxford Mail: Cat Rada made £1,000 in her first week. Picture: Cat RadaCat Rada made £1,000 in her first week. Picture: Cat Rada

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service which is mainly used by sex workers who produce adult content. However, it is also hosts the work of other content creators such as personal trainers and musicians.

22-year-old Miss Rada, of Campbell Close, told this newspaper people suggested she get into the adult entertainment industry for years but refrained as she is personally “against the porn industry”.

She said: “That is because of how badly managed it is and how evil it can get. But I realised in terms of OnlyFans, it actually gives consent and is a nicer way of helping the industry and the demand for content there is.

“It gives us the power – and it should – because in the end it is our bodies and we should decide what we do with them, not anyone else.”

Oxford Mail: Cat Rada has loved cars since she was a child. Picture: Cat RadaCat Rada has loved cars since she was a child. Picture: Cat Rada

Miss Rada added she was keen to find a job that she enjoyed, having previously worked for the ambulance service which she found extremely stressful and negatively impacted her mental health.

Her real dream is to become a rally car driver and compete in rally races.

However, unfortunately for Miss Rada this a very expensive career choice.

As a child in Romania, she was always a fan of cars but did not have a male role model to guide her interests as the women in her life were not “not the biggest fans of cars”.

Her partner, however, reignited her love of cars and turned to OnlyFans to earn the money to pursue her dream.

Oxford Mail: Cat Rada has found the positive response to her work "amazing". Picture: Cat RadaCat Rada has found the positive response to her work "amazing". Picture: Cat Rada

Since joining the site, Miss Rada has found the support of her friends and the wider Bicester community “amazing”.

“I have not gotten any judgement for it which I find absolutely insane because before people used to be so judge-y. I love that it has changed and everyone is so nice about it.”

“I have had a lot of respect since I started this but I expected people to judge me,” she explained.

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