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PICTURES: Bicester firefighters help rescue driver and two animals after crash


Aug 31, 2022

FIRE crews from Bicester Fire Station helped rescue a trapped driver and two animals after an accident this morning.

Crews were called to the incident in Buckinghamshire at around 7am, after a driver swerved to miss a deer and their car ended in a ditch.

A spokesperson from Waddesdon Fire Station in Buckinghamshire, who also attended the incident, said: “Upon arrival we fended off the scene and stabilised the vehicle using para-tec and stepchocks, we also began speaking with the casualty to assess their condition, while securing the air bag cover to the steering wheel, this is a standard practice even if they had deployed, however this had not been the case this morning, which put the driver at more of a risk.

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“The driver had two passengers with them, both animals; a dog, and a small caged animal. Fortunately for the animals and the driver, they had all been securely harnessed and strapped in while on the journey – not only did this likely prevent injuries to the animals themselves, but also would have prevented further injury to the driver during the incident. This really is great animal husbandry and put all involved at a great advantage.

“Firefighters worked with the casualty to safely remove the animals from the vehicle through a broken window.

“We were then joined on scene by Bicester Fire Station and, working together, the driver was extricated from the vehicle via a roof flap, created using our e-draulic tools.

“They were then handed over to the care of South Central Ambulance Service for further evaluation, but all were extremely lucky to have walked away relatively unharmed.”

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