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Should your council deliver ‘attractive, accessible and thriving places’ through the Local Plan and Council Plan?


Sep 6, 2022

West Oxfordshire District Council is updating both its Local Plan and Council Plan and is seeking the views of local residents, organisations and businesses on the areas it should focus on.

Local Plans are used to help decide on planning applications and other planning-related decisions.

The Council Plan sets out the vision and aims for the council and how these are going to be delivered through areas of focus and priority projects.

The review comes after a change of administration following the May local elections.

The consultation is divided it into six areas of focus.

Consultees can click on tiles to read more about each area of focus and rate their importance by answering seven quick fire questions.

They can also add comments in the textboxes or use the new voice note technology.

Drop down boxes are designed to minimise the amount of information presented on the screen at one time.

You can answer as many questions as you like.

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