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Silence taken for denial as alleged ‘sex register breacher’ in court


Oct 15, 2022

A bearded sex offender remained silent as a judge attempted to ask him for his pleas.

Jason McDonagh, 35, raised his face to the ceiling in courtroom two on Friday when he was asked a number of questions by Judge Maria Lamb.

The circuit judge said she would set the case down for trial and ordered medical reports to be prepared at the court’s expense.

Bushy-bearded McDonagh broke his silent vigil when he shook his head in response to Judge Lamb’s question: “Are you going to answer any questions?”

The trial will take place on February 15.

In the lower court, McDonagh, of no fixed address, faced a single charge of failing to comply with the requirements of the sex offender register by not registering he had no fixed abode.

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