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Stores we have loved and lost at Oxford’s Clarendon Centre


Sep 28, 2022

The Clarendon Centre in Oxford first opened in 1984.

There have been many changes over the years and now its owners Lothbury are embarking on the latest redesign.

Here we look at photos from the Oxford Mail archive of retailers at the shopping centre, and some of the chains which have opened and closed over the years.

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In 2015, there was a £6m revamp involving a demolition of part of the existing ground floor to make way for a new three-storey design.

But now more radical refurbishment plans are under way at the centre linking Cornmarket and Queen Street.

Photo: Oxford Mail

In April, a scheme to partially demolish the centre to provide more student accommodation was approved by the council.

In addition to student accommodation, the Clarendon transformation is expected to include new retail buildings and offices, with a new public square and pedestrian/cycle access through to Frewin Court.

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Photo: Oxford Mail

The £440m revamp of the Westgate Centre led to a number of major chains relocating including top fashion brands Zara and H&M.

Discount clothing chain TK Maxx opened in 2019 and in 2021 Gap was replaced by HMV.

HMV initially closed in Cornmarket in 2014 but then made a comeback last year after the chain was bought out.

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