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Apprentice bricklayer has new role with Pye Homes


Sep 17, 2022

An apprentice learning his trade with Pye Homes has been rewarded for his efforts with the offer of a full-time role after he completes his apprenticeship.

Ewan Jenkins is a trainee bricklayer for Pye Homes and has been working on numerous projects in Oxfordshire, while also attending college at Ace Training.

His talent and hard work have earned Ewan recognition amongst his supervisors and has resulted in one of Pye’s subcontractors, G&M Building, offering him a full-time role.

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Ewan, aged 19, had initially planned to attend college before the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown halted his plans.

He joined Pye Homes after a careers advisor at college informed him of the role and has flourished since joining the team.

He is currently working at Church Farm, Radley.

“I’m loving my apprenticeship and it is helping me progress a lot, I feel more confident in myself and I have learned so much since starting,” Ewan said.

Oxford Mail: Photo: Pye Homes Photo: Pye Homes

“I’m really proud of how far I’ve come and the fact that one of the subcontractors we work with has offered me a job upon completion of my apprenticeship year,” he added. Ewan will begin his new full-time role in the spring of next year.

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The scheme, which aims to train 100 apprentices within a decade, was launched at the end of 2017 by Pye Homes’ partner Blenheim.

By the end of 2021, 50 apprentices had already completed or were in the process of completing courses.

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