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Autumn Fest at Blenheim Palace this weekend


Sep 27, 2022

Autumn Fest takes place this weekend at Blenheim Palace, and award-winning designer Charlotte Lloyd Webber says its aims are to celebrate estate traditions and our connection to the land.

The two-day event draws inspiration from Michaelmas Day, one of the traditional quarter days and a time to mark the closing of harvest season and the shortening of days.

Charlotte said: “When we originally researched the historical background to harvest festivals we explored the origin of St Michael's days on September 29 when the archangel fought the dragon.

"To mark this we’ll be re-presenting our, rather more friendly, harvest dragon this year and shining a light on the new No-Dig vegetable plot created by regenerative farming practitioner Worthy Earth.

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"Jericho Kitchen and other local food providers will be creating fabulous food using produce straight from the plot, all perfectly accompanied by the best local brews and imaginative seasonal beverages from the Tap Social bar.”

A Michaelmas Market will feature 50 independent local traders where people can be assured of a gift's sustainable and ethical origins.

While inspired by the past Charlotte, and her company CLW Event Designs, values the importance of looking to the future with sustainability and conservation being key themes of Autumn Fest.

Local initiatives including to support bee and insect populations, woodland renewal and clean waterways will feature.

Charlotte said: “This event is all about celebrating people and the land upon which we all depend. It is very much a shared experience focusing on the 'big issues’ of how we live now and into the future in a meaningful and supportive environment.

“We work with some fantastic performers including Oxford’s WhatNot Theatre, Plunge Boom! Vegetable Nannies with a dusk finale from the stunning Chivaree Circus on the Saturday with the best local music acts through out the day.

"Autumn is the most transitional of all the seasons. It is a time to reflect but also plan for the exciting festivities and gatherings to come. It's an exceptionally beautiful time of year at Blenheim where summer softens and sheds to such mellow and comforting hues,” she added.

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