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Litter lout drops 51 Pepsi Max cans in same spot near Faringdon


Sep 27, 2022

A council is appealing for information about a litter lout who repeatedly drops Pepsi Max cans in one spot.

Vale of White Horse District Council asked for help with a littering mystery that has been going on for months.

Dozens of empty cans of Pepsi Max have been found in the same spot at the side of Lechlade Road.

As soon as they are cleared from the grass, more appear.

In a Facebook post, the council said: "The road doesn’t have a pavement, so it is suspected that the culprit throws them from a passing car."

It said it was alerted to the problem by a resident.

The Envirocrime team went to investigate and found 51 empty Pepsi Max cans in the same spot.

Anyone who has any information about the littering or who may know the identity of the litterer should call 01235 422 146 or email envirocrime@southandvale.gov.uk.